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Topic: Making it easier for firms to list

Author: Ed Murray
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 3 Sept

Background: This month the Financial Conduct Authority launched a consultation on a series of reforms to improve the effectiveness of UK primary markets. The changes aim to reduce barriers to listing for companies and increase the range of investment opportunities for customers. This feature will seek to find out what had led to the drop in insurance sector firms listing on the stock market and what would encourage others to partake?


  • What do the reforms entail?
  • What has been the biggest barrier to insurance sector firms listing in the past? Has this been addressed?
  • Why would listing be an attractive option for firms in the market?
  • Would we be likely to see an influx if the rules change?
  • What are the major benefits from listing?
  • Does the insurance sector welcome these proposals?


Topic: Insurance Board Governance and Talent Diversity Under Scrutiny

Author: Edmund Tirbutt
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 10 Sept

Background: ESG is rightfully getting a lot of attention; but the governance side is often overlooked in favour of the more eye-catching headlines that can be generated by doing good things around the environment and social areas. In the past insurance businesses would often defer to their own to fill non-executive roles on boards. It is no coincidence that many of these were often referred to as ‘greys’ and were also mostly male and white.

However, the concern is that while this is fine in providing an experienced view on the insurance side, as issues like digital, data management, cyber protection and customer outcomes become more important [alongside D&I/ESG] there needs to be a broader representation to inform and scrutinise what firms are doing here too. In this feature we look at what insurance businesses are doing to improve the diversity of their Boards; not only in terms of race and gender but diversity of skill sets.


  • What are insurance businesses doing to diversify their governance?
  • Why this is important?
  • What does governance diversity brings in terms of culture and better business outcomes?
  • Which, if any,  non-traditional areas are being prioritised – digital/ESG?]
  • How might boards look in five years time in terms of new roles represented?
  • Will insurance have to recruit outside the sector to get this balance right

Topic: Blowing the whistle

Author: Jen Frost
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 7 October

Background: The Financial Conduct Authority has this year stepped up efforts to get people to report potential wrongdoing at firms with its ‘In confidence, with confidence campaign’. Post asks what challenges people face when blowing the whistle at insurance businesses and to regulators, and whether signposting and processes are up to scratch.


  • Are insurer and broker whistleblowing protocols up to scratch? How are people signposted to use internal systems?
  • Does more need to be done to ensure effective whistleblowing protocols? What work has already been done?
  • Are there any examples of businesses, particularly within insurance, with effective or ineffective whistleblowing protocols and systems in recent years?
  • How many reports should businesses of different sizes realistically expect to face on an annual basis? What might these concern?
  • How are business’s whistleblowing functions regulated?
  • Are staff ever discriminated against for blowing the whistle? What checks and balances are in place to ensure people feel safe raising problems? What should they expect from the process?
  • When should people report in house, and when should they go to a regulator?
  • The FCA has fully assessed less than half of all reports to it from last year. Is this a cause for concern? What are the challenges facing the regulator where it comes to tackling financial services whistleblowing concerns?

Topic:Insuring automated warehouses

Author: Pamela Kokoszka
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 1 October

Background: As the nation was placed under lockdown and bricks and mortar stores were forced to close, we witnessed panic buying and surge in online orders. The pandemic has irreversibly changed the UK consumer purchasing habits and put pressure on warehouse managers to implement more efficient automated systems. Robotics are expected to get business ahead of the curve by providing them with means of offering later ordering cut off times and next day delivery subscription services.

However, recently robotics contributed to thousands of orders cancelled as robots that help pick groceries in Ocado’s Erith site collided. This is the second time robots have contributed to a fire at Ocado’s warehouse. In 2019 the fire in Ocado’s Andover site contributed to a loss of £214m for the retailer with around the rebuilding cost expected to reach around £90m. Post explores the challenges warehouse automation poses for insurers.


  • How the increase in robotics use changes the risks faced by business owners and their insurers?
  • Do warehouses employing more automation require a different policy to those that are not automated?
  • What cover is currently available for smart warehouses?
  • What risk management measures insurers are expecting warehouses to have in place?
  • What losses could insurers be liable for in case things go wrong?
  • If there is a claim, are warehouses insured for the orders that cannot be fulfilled? 
  • What can we learn from the accidents that happened so far?
  • Is more regulation needed from the government to ensure warehouse safety amid the raise of automation?


Topic: Product recall

Author: David Worsfold
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 8 October

Background:  Tesco, Sainsburys, Lidl, Aldi and Morrison’s have all issued urgent recall notices for pork scratching ready meals, oven cooked snacks and chocolate due to undeclared allergens. While a Sainsbury supplier has been embroiled in an enquiry into a spate of cat deaths thought to have been linked to its cat foods. From 1 October the law on allergen labelling for pre-packed foods for direct sales foods will change – as Natasha’s Law comes into effect. Post looks at what impact this will have and reviews how Covid-19 has affected product recalls. 


  • How prepared is the sector for Natasha’s law?
  • What were the biggest trends seen in product recall during the pandemic?
  • Were levels higher or lower than before Covid-19
  • How are insurers helping in cases such as Fold Hill Foods where an investigation led to a withdrawal of cat foods but then no “causative link” was found?
  • What levels of recalls have been seen in medical devices? Have concerns over side effects of vaccines or contamination lead to recalls or liability claims?
  • What impact did Brexit have in terms of changes to regulations and standards?

Topic: What COP26 means to the insurance sector? 

Author: Stephanie Denton 
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 11 October

Background: As COP26 comes to Glasgow we will be asking insurance companies what it means for them. 


  • As a business what are you doing around COP26? How are you marking the event?
  • What outcomes are you hoping for from the event?
  • As people return to offices what are you doing to reduce your business’ carbon footprint?
  • Do you offer any green products that incentivise policyholder sustainability? If not, are you planning to introduce any?
  • What external bodies do you use to validate/support your sustainability approach across the ESG spectrum [anything from carbon neutrality to diversity to overall green credentials]? Please list all partners and nature if relationship.

Topic: Regional Review - Glasgow

Author: Martin Friel
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: 15 October [please note Martin is currently on holiday and will be organising interviews to take place from 27 September onwards]

Background: As COP 26 hits Glasgow we find out how the local insurance sector is fairing, what impact Covid-19 has had and what the return to offices will look like? In our virtual review we’ll be hoping to speak to insurers, brokers and service providers based here.


  • Which insurers have bases in Glasgow?
  • What is the local climate and trends like in terms of claims?
  • Do local brokers feel they have full support from insurers in the regions?
  • What regional impacts has the pandemic had?
  • How was communication during the pandemic? (See Aviva survey)
  • What will return to work look like?
  • Anything good that has come out of Covid-19 and the community coming together?



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