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State of the Broker Nation Extra: Insurers

In this extra part of the State of the Broker Nation, we find out what brokers really think about their insurers. Michèle Bacchus asked them plainly – and she has received some frank answers

State of the Broker Nation: Regulation

In the second part of Post’s research, brokers talk candidly to Michèle Bacchus about the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, the Financial Conduct Authority, the government and the European Union

Week in Post: trampolining, brokers in the dark and cake

I was reminded of the insurance industry this surprising sunny bank holiday weekend when I was required to sign a waiver to accept and acknowledge my participation in Gravity Force trampolining could entail "known and unknown risks that could result in…

The State of the Insurer Nation: Week One: Regulation

In the first report of a five-part series covering Post’s latest State of the Nation survey, Mairi MacDonald reports on how regulation of the insurance industry is viewed by insurance CEOs and managing directors and how they think it could work better…

Research: Young Broker Nation: 2: Experiences so far

In the second of a four-part report based on surveys with 20 young insurance brokers, we report on their experiences of the industry so far, what they have learned and how much their views of broking have changed since joining the sector.