Blog: Know your customer... and your opposition

‘In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity', wrote the great military strategist Sun Tzu a mere 25 centuries ago. His observation still holds true in these strange times of disruption. And seizing the opportunity is vitally important to modern…

Q&A: David Nayler, British Insurance Law Association

David Nayler took the chair of British Insurance Law Association in October last year, a body whose membership derives from brokers, insurers and legal firms. He has worked at Aon for 11 years, most recently as head of financial and professional, legal…

Interview: John Nelson, Lloyd’s of London

It is the most prestigious chairmanship in UK insurance. But next month, John Nelson will step down after six years in the role of Lloyd’s chairman. He talks to Ryan Hewlett about steering the market through one of its most turbulent periods