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Topic: Brokers exposed
Author: Will Kirkman
Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: Friday 28 April

Some brokers are leaving themselves exposed.
"Most brokers' PI policies exclude claims relating to insurer insolvency," says Charles Manchester, CEO of Manchester Underwriting Management. "This was something highlighted by the Financial Conduct Authority in its recent thematic review on the subject, leading to the International Underwriting Authority working on a model form of exclusion."
PI insurers don't want to underwrite the credit risk of the insurers with which the intermediary places policies. In the event of the insolvency of an insurer, they consider that policyholders should seek compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. However, the FCA has found that the breadth of the exclusion clause varies widely. And it is concerned that the exclusion clause would not provide intermediaries with the necessary cover under the policy for claims for which they may be liable.
How widespread is the problem? What level of claims have been seen to date? Do brokers acknowledge this problem? Are they aware of the risks? Can being part of a network help?
The IUA is looking to tackle this with changes to wordings but how will this resolve the issue? And will it be implemented across the board? How are brokers and insurers hoping to tackle this otherwise?

Topic: Professional indemnity
Author: Veronica Cowan

Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: Friday 28 April

In March, the Supreme Court decided that the 214 claims made against ILP Solicitors, insured by AIG, should be settled as two claims. The solicitors firm had been engaged by a property development firm to assist with the building of holiday resorts in Morocco and Turkey and was subsequently met with claims amounting to £10m. AIG, which was providing professional indemnity cover with a limit of £3m per claim, had tried to aggregate all 214 claims into one.

The Supreme Court ruling, allowing aggregation into two claims, will be more palatable to insurers than the decisions reached by lower courts. What wil the long-term consequences be for claimants, solicitors and PI insurers?

Topic: Political risks
Author: Ryan Hewlett

Contact: [email protected]
Deadline: Friday 12 May

The political risk market is changing as the risks themselves are evolving.

Earlier this year, Hiscox pulled out from the sector, placing its political risks book into run-off. And in March, French MGA WeSpecialty launched Canopy, a product developed in partnership with Hiscox and covering political violence, terrorism and political risks. It is aimed at manufacturers and commodity traders operating in sensitive areas, with protection including the risks of confiscation, nationalisation, expropriation and deprivation. WeSpecialty says political and terrorist risks have returned to the forefront of the international scene while some of the traditional war-risk insurance players have withdrawn.

How do today’s political risks differ from yesterday’s?
How are insurance providers adapting to these new challenges?
How is the market reorganising?



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