Blog: Using a rainbow to lead across generations

Diversity and inclusion has been a hot topic in the insurance industry for a fair few years, but it took the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundations's conference for me to realise the true breadth of diversity and how it could drive the unlocking of…

Blog: Insurers could regret whiplash reforms

In the end, the whiplash reform moved remarkably quickly. After 12 months of deliberating, we only had six weeks of consultation, followed by seven weeks of considering what to do. The tangible result was the compiling of seven hurriedly drafted clauses…

Interview: Jim Bichard, PWC

When the referendum result came in on 24 June last year, there was a moment of disbelief in the market. Many business leaders were forced to re-examine what exposures they faced and what steps they needed to take next.

Roundtable: Talking marketing tactics

With the industry seeking to find out just how a single view of the customer can be achieved, Post, in association with Visionware, brought together specialists in a roundtable to discuss how digital is driving business