This week in Post: Snap decisions, Can-can and costs

In a snap decision just after Christmas I agreed it would be fun to attend a Moulin Rouge secret cinema perfomance, with little thought to the effort this would involve or the costume I'm currently having to source.

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Blog: Brokers' bad reputation

So what’s the worst thing you can say to a broker? Accuse them of being commission driven? Question what value they add to customers? Definitely best not to stray into the territory of online comparison sites, says Adrian Saunders, commercial director at…

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C-Suite Broker: Junction's Ali Crossley on personalisation in insurance marketing

Marketing is constantly evolving, with an ever-changing array of channels through which to promote products – but at the heart of it is always the customer. How can we best meet their needs, asks Ali Crossley, customer and development director for…


The Top 100 UK Insurers - Updated for 2016

Find out who ranks highest in the Top 100 UK insurers in Post’s 2016 countdown. The data, produced in association with AM Best, lists firms based on their financial returns.

Top 30 Insurers in Asia 2016

As expected by AM Best, Chinese and Japanese companies ranked high. The largest Korean company was ranked seventh, and the largest Australian company followed at eighth.

Top 30 Insurers in Europe 2016

A lack of large natural disasters, favourable exchange rates and a number of sizeable mergers have seen many of the top 30 European insurers weather the tough environment and climb the rankings complied by AM Best