Cecile Brisson

Digital content & commissioning editor

Cecile joined the Post team in 2015.

She started out as a reporter for newswires in France, covering general news, culture and politics.

In 2013, she moved to the UK and wrote for a couple of maritime publications, before venturing into the world of insurance.

She holds journalism MAs from the Sorbonne Nouvelle and City University.

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Articles by Cecile Brisson

This Week in Post: Extinction and distinction

This week I took my toddler to see the roaring animated T-rex at the Natural History Museum. “Raaa!” she growled, before wimping into her father’s arms, unaware dinosaurs are actually extinct.

This Week in Post: BST, the baby and Brexit

British Summer Time is now allowing us to enjoy more daylight as all our clocks moved forward an hour last weekend. Except, that is, for my 15-month-old daughter’s biological clock. For her bedtime this week, she’s decided to do her own thing. Pretty…

Connected garage among topics of IBIS 2017

The collision repair market and the connected garage are among the topics that will be discussed by the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium at its global summit 2017 taking place in June in Madrid.

MPs investigate whiplash claims

The Justice Committee is launching a short inquiry into whiplash claims and on government plans to raise the small claims limit for personal injury.

March 2017 Post: Census and CII CEO

My one-year-old just started toddling. She was so proud after pushing her walker to the other side of the room that she applauded herself. As a result, she lost her balance and landed on her bum.

This week in Post: Tricks and treats

This week, some Post colleagues and I went to a Halloween party dressed as whiplash victims. The joke was lost on other attendees, whose business was mainly commercial lines, and we ended up reassuring walking vegetables, bloody nurses and train engines…

Claims Club Summit - live feed

The Claims Club Summit is bringing the claims community together this Wednesday in London to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, from whiplash reforms to technological innovations.