Blog: How to reduce litigation costs

Very few insurers effectively and proactively manage the relationship and performance of their panel law firms says Caroline O’Grady, partner at Coote O’Grady.

Q&A: David Nayler, British Insurance Law Association

David Nayler took the chair of British Insurance Law Association in October last year, a body whose membership derives from brokers, insurers and legal firms. He has worked at Aon for 11 years, most recently as head of financial and professional, legal…

Climate change: insurers feeling the heat

The global risk landscape is currently dominated by environmental upheavals caused by climate change. The resulting catastrophes are of concern to people in general and insurers, in particular, tasked as they are with underwriting and managing ever…

Blog: Whiplash reforms were supposed to be about fraud

There is something rather strange happening in the debate around the whiplash reforms. For all the sound and fury across the entrenched battle lines with which we are all familiar, there does appear to be a consensus forming across the divide.

Minster Law to close York office

Personal injury firm Minster Law will close its York office and offer the approximately 300 affected staff positions in Wakefield, although some site-specific roles will no longer be required.

Blog: Insurers could regret whiplash reforms

In the end, the whiplash reform moved remarkably quickly. After 12 months of deliberating, we only had six weeks of consultation, followed by seven weeks of considering what to do. The tangible result was the compiling of seven hurriedly drafted clauses…

Blog: Blaming local authorities for abuse

Abuse claims are prevalent in the media, with allegations of abuse continuing to emerge against football clubs and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse holding its first public hearings, examining the cases of British children sent to…