Environmental liability

Climate change: insurers feeling the heat

The global risk landscape is currently dominated by environmental upheavals caused by climate change. The resulting catastrophes are of concern to people in general and insurers, in particular, tasked as they are with underwriting and managing ever…

Greening up your investment portfolio

The last decade has finally started to see the talk about the virtues of sustainable energy result in significant action, particularly in the area of electricity, where it has been driven primarily by wind, solar energy and biomass.

Catastrophe bonds: A good year for disaster

Catastrophe bonds were invented in the early 1990s to help insurance companies mitigate the risk of major disasters. With storms brewing both politically and environmentally, can the catastrophe bond market open new doors to insurers in 2017?

D&O innovation

With a spate of innovation in the directors’ & officers’ market, how is the cover staying relevant in a constantly changing world?

Blog: How to mitigate agricultural pollution claims

Farmers are facing increased responsibility to prevent pollution and most insurance policies provide only limited cover in that area. However, specialist policies can now be taken, as well as practical steps to limit damage.

Aviva's Simon Warsop on flood resilience

Simon Warsop, chief underwriting officer for Aviva’s personal lines business, talks about recent flood debates and what action is needed now to protect homes and businesses next winter.

Q&A: Andrew Snyder-Beattie: Biological thinking

Advances in biotechnology promise to revolutionise the way we live. Post sat down with Andrew Snyder-Beattie of the Future of Humanity Institute at the Oxford Martin School to find out about the possible risks involved.

Recycling: A smoking gun

The plumes of smoke staining the skyline are often signs that a scrap metal yard or warehouse full of recyclate has caught fire. While it’s a distraction for the bored commuter, this troublesome sector leaves underwriters scratching their heads.